Thursday, 20 June 2013

St Mary Magdalene

In connection with the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition in Durham this summer, our church is organising a Gospels art project with local schools. As we are St. Mary Magdalene, Belmont, we have set the challenge of making illuminated manuscript versions of the stories in the Gospels that mention Mary Magdalene.

The children at all the local primary schools are getting involved, and I am going in to talk to them about Mary Magdalene, and also about the history of illuminated manuscripts from the Lindisfarne Gospels onwards.

This powerpoint is the one I used in assembly today, to introduce the story of Mary Magdalene. We looked at all the Gospel readings that mention her, and concluded that she is a great example of discipleship. As members of a church named after her, we seek to be people healed by God; faithful followers and supporters of Jesus; witnesses to Jesus' death and resurrection; and people who spread the good news.

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